San Antonio-based Petro Waste Environmental LP has opened its second of four oil and gas landfills planned for the Permian Basin of West Texas.

The company’s Howard County landfill opened on Wednesday. Located off Interstate 20 between Big Spring and Stanton, the 144-acre facility will accept oil-based mud, water-based mud, oil-based drill cuttings, water-based drill cuttings, contaminated soil, and RCRA-exempt non-hazardous exploration and production waste.

Aerial view of Petro Waste Environmental’s new landfill in Howard County. The Permian… more

Petro Waste Environmental LP

Petro Waste Environmental Founder and CEO George Wommack said the landfill will also provide washouts and other ancillary services to oil field trucks.

"With its opening, we are positioned to better serve oil and gas operators in the northern Midland Basin efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner," Wommack said in a statement.

Listed by the Business Journal as one of eight " San Antonio companies to watch in the Permian Basin," Petro Waste Environmental opened a similar landfill in the Reeves County town of Orla in April. The company holds permits from the Railroad Commission of Texas to build additional landfills in Pecos County and Reagan County.

Historically, the Permian Basin was known for vertical wells but Wommack said that the shale revolution created a strong shift to horizontal drilling operations in late 2013 and early 2014, creating a corresponding demand for facilities that could safely dispose of waste from hydraulic fracturing operations. With the Permian Basin now considered to be the hottest shale play in the United States, Wommack told the Business Journal in a previous interview that the company set a goal of having one of its facilities no more than than 30 miles from any drilling activity.

The opening of the Howard County facility follows advances in technology for processing oil and gas waste, which Wommack expects will come with more stringent regulations and public interest as environmental stewardship becomes more of a focus in the industry.

“Petro Waste Environmental is building its facilities and training its personnel with that future in mind,” Wommack said in a statement. “Using innovative, forward-thinking operations, we are reducing environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry today, and those benefits will only multiply as the company expands operations to other plays throughout the United States.”

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