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Home Invasion Ends in Shootout

San Antonio police are questioning a number of people after a shootout erupted on the city’s west side. According to police, a man in search of drugs broke into an apartment at the Marbach Park Apartments in the 1800 block of Horal. 2 hospitalized after drive-by shooting Police said the man was unaware of the four men inside. Those men then wrestled the intruder onto the ground and held him at gunpoint. Police said the intruder was accompanied by two…

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Egypt’s Ballet Dancers Find Passion on an Isolated Stage

CAIRO (AP) — Ballet dancer Fady el-Nabarawy feels he can finally breathe again the moment he enters the gates of the Cairo Opera House after a commute from his ramshackle, poor neighborhood. This is where he and his fellow dancers practice, perform, love and create. “Every day, I cannot wait to come here. My oxygen is here,” he said. Ballet is in its own bubble in Egypt, removed from the surrounding society. The elite Western art form is far from…

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This Is the Best City for Dating in America (It’s Definitely Not Nyc)

Want to improve your dating prospects? Move to North Carolina. Real-estate website Apartment List surveyed over 13,000 renters across the US to find the top 10 cities for dating in the country. Subjects were asked, “How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date and make friends?” Raleigh, NC, took the top spot, with 66.7 percent of its residents satisfied with the dating scene. It’s followed by San Antonio, Texas (62.5); Boston, Mass. (58.7) and Charlotte,…

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Housing Options Help Autistic Adults Find Independence

DALLAS (AP) — Masha Gregory was nervous to move out of her parents’ home and into her own place, where the 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman worried about making friends and being away from her parents. But after living in her own apartment at a complex that focuses on adults with autism, she’s made new friends and found she loves her independence. “It was great to move out because I have my own life now,” said Gregory, who lives in a Pittsburgh-area…

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Living Among Endless Opportunities

Visualize a living where you get all the perks you desire for – a lavish and extravagant apartment, finest services and amenities, safest neighborhood, eye-refreshing boundaries and to mention the most eminent: a peaceful and lively experience of life in a true sense. Apartment Finder San Antonio can help you find your dream place at many affordable rates, promising a healthy and rich experience at large.

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Heaven In World

Don’t just see and remember San Antonio in by admiring. It’s not the time to sit back and relax. This is an opportunity; a mega treat from life that welcomes you with a big smile. Apartment Finder at San Antonio extends their co-operation to help you find a better living place. If you wish to rest and enjoy the serene life, you’re at the right place. The atmosphere is wonderful from all ways.

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